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Global and China Lithium Titanate Industry Report, 2013-2016

Published: November 25, 2013 2:53 PM just published a new market research report: Global and China Lithium Titanate Industry Report, 2013-2016.London (PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Featured with high safety, long service life and quick charge, lithium titanate batteries are deemed the first choice as car lithium batteries. It is expected that the global demand for lithium titanate batteries will embrace explosive growth. According to the development planning of leading lithium titanate battery producers worldwide, the worldwide demand for lithium titanate batteries will hit 21,500 tons as of 2016. Against the backdrop, enterprises from the US, Japan, and China poured their investment successively and have launched market layout in advance to seize the market share. Among these, Chinese enterprises are the most impressive.

Compared with the US and Japan, China lithium titanate industry starts later, but develops rapidly. At present, both the number and the capacity of Chinese lithium titanate enterprises have far above those of the US and Japan, making China the world’s largest lithium titanate producer. The major contributing reason to the boom of China lithium titanate industry lies in the preferential policies as well as the establishment of supporting industries.

In China, enterprises like Yinlong Energy and Tiankang Group have set up lithium titanate battery capacity expansion projects which will offer sufficient power to fuel China lithium titanate market in the future. The estimation shows that China’s demand for lithium titanate batteries will approximate 15,000 tons by 2016.

ALTI is the world’s first to master the key technology of lithium titanate anode materials. As early as 2005, It made a success in developing lithium batteries with lithium titanate as anode materials which were subsequently applied by Proterra. In 2010, Yinlong Energy took over 53% stake of ALTI which set up the world’s largest lithium titanate production base in Wu’an of Hebei province. In 2013, the first phase project of ALTI was put into production with the capacity of lithium titanate hitting 3,000 tons/a.

Toshiba took the lead in Japan to develop lithium titanate and lithium titanate batteries. In 2008, the company realized the mass production of lithium titanate batteries which have been successfully applied in electric vehicles by companies such as Mitsubishi.

BTR Nano Technology Co., Ltd boasts the pioneer in China to develop lithium titanate anode materials with the capacity in 2010 hitting 360 tons/a. After 2011, the company’s lithium titanate capacities got further improved. At present, the company’s capacity of lithium titanate anode materials has claimed 1,000 tons/a.

This report falls into five chapters highlighting intensively global and China lithium titanate industry. Specifically, it focuses on the operation of 9 leading industrial players at home and abroad including ALTI, Toshiba, Yinlong Energy and Sichuan Xingneng New Materials and predicts the development trend of the lithium titanate industry.


1. Overview of Lithium Titanate1.1 Profile1.2 Application1.3 Industry Chain

2. Development Status of Global Lithium Titanate Industry2.1 Development History2.2 Industry Environment2.2.1 Supply of Anode Materials2.2.2 Demand for Anode Materials2.2.3 Competition among Anode Material Enterprises2.2.4 Problems2.3 Supply2.4 Demand2.5 Competition Pattern2.6 United States2.7 JapanSummary

3. Development Status of China Lithium Titanate Industry3.1 Development Environment3.1.1 Policy Environment3.1.2 Technological Environment3.1.3 Industry Environment3.2 Supply3.3 Demand3.3.1 Influencing Factors 3.3.2 Quantity Demanded3.4 Market CompetitionSummary

4. Development of China Lithium Titanate Battery Industry4.1 Development Environment4.1.1 Industry Environment4.1.2 Technology Environment4.2 Production4.3 Demand4.3.1 Demand Volume4.3.2 Demand Structure4.4 Competition PatternSummary

5. Key Enterprises Worldwide5.1 ALTI5.1.1 Profile5.1.2 Operation5.1.3 Lithium Titanate Business5.2 Toshiba5.2.1 Profile5.2.2 Operation5.2.3 Lithium Titanate5.3 Titan Kogyo5.3.1 Profile5.3.2 Lithium Titanate Project5.4 Yinlong Group5.4.1 Profile5.4.2 Lithium Titanate Business5.5 Sichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd.5.5.1 Profile5.5.2 Lithium Titanate Business5.6 BTR Nano Technology Co., Ltd.5.6.1 Profile5.6.2 Lithium Titanate Business5.7 Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology Co., Ltd.5.7.1 Profile5.7.2 Operation5.7.3 Capacity Expansion5.7.4 Lithium Titanate Business 5.8 Hebei Strong Power Li-ion Battery Technology Co., Ltd.5.8.1 Profile5.8.2 Lithium Titanate Business5.9 Anhui Veili New Sources Corporation5.9.1 Profile5.9.2 Lithium Titanate Business Summary

Companies Mentioned

ALTIToshibaTitan KogyoYinlong GroupSichuan Xingneng New Materials Co., Ltd.BTR Nano Technology Co., Ltd.Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology Co., Ltd.Hebei Strong Power Li-ion Battery Technology Co., Ltd.Anhui Veili New Sources Corporation

Read the full report:

Global and China Lithium Titanate Industry Report, 2013-2016

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