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Fuji Now Offering $0 Down, 0% Financing on DC Quick Chargers in US

In an effort to push up installs of DC quick chargers in the US, Fuji Electric teamed with Union Bank and Marlin Leasing to put forth a deal that’s difficult to pass on: $0 down and 0% financing.

That’s right, Fuji is willing to sell its DC quick charger for nothing out of pocket and opting to finance the unit (rather than buying it upfront) won’t cost you a penny more.

This deal is for those who may not have the cash flow on hand to spend say $25,000 right now, but who see a need to install a DC quick charger.

This eliminates the immediate hurdle of having to have cash today to future proof your business/commercial entity for tomorrow.

Here’s what Fuji says of this offer:

“Fuji Electric Corp. of America announced today that they have partnered with Union Bank and Marlin Leasing Corp. to offer their customers convenient Financing Programs on their DC Quick Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles. The program offers Zero-Down, Zero-Interest financing in an effort to offset the cost of equipment and encourage small businesses to install charging stations at their sites.”


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