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EVS27 Reflects Maturity of Electric Car Industry, But No Consensus on Future

The great thing about international events like EVS27 is that they allow the meeting of different people with very different opinions. Somebody says white, and only a few minutes later, another person says black. On one side, there are the positive people: those saying that the electric car is on the rise, and that its rise will be unstoppable. They are right. EV sales are growing everywhere, but the naysayers have strong arguments too.

The negative camp is made up of car manufacturers who did not officially attend EVS27, with a stand to show their cars. They commonly just send one guy, and I talked to two of them (from two companies). The basic idea is that even if sales are growing, they remain low, much below what profitability requires. They point to companies that had to lower EV prices to move metal. And even Tesla Motors, arguably the most successful EV maker, still failed to make a profit in the last quarter.

With falling gas prices, it’s hard to defend the electric car on a strictly financial point of view, but as a positive sign, it was a relief to see that companies that were still highly doubtful of the electric car took the expense to send someone to attend EVS27.


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