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Envision Solar deploys first fully autonomous electric vehicle PV charging station at San Diego International Airport

Envision Solar International, Inc. (San Diego, California, U.S.) on November 13th, 2013, announced the successful trial deployment of its EV ARC Electric Vehicle Charging Station at the San Diego International Airport.

Engineered and manufactured in the United States, the EV ARC is the world’s first and only fully autonomous, mobile and standalone solar photovoltaic (PV) charging station that requires no foundation, no trenching, no building permit and no electric grid connection, the company notes.

16 kWhrs per day stored in a 22 kWh on-board battery

The EV ARC Electric Vehicle Charging Station fits inside a standard parking space and generates approximately 16 kWhrs per day which is stored in the 22 kWh on-board battery storage.

The PV system is also equipped with EnvisionTrak, a proprietary and patent pending tracking solution, which enables the solar array to track the sun, generating 18 to 25 percent more electricity, the company affirms.


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