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Elon Musk fires back after George Clooney disses the Tesla Roadster

Like his Iron Man doppelganger, Elon Musk just loves a good fight.

So when George Clooney referred to himself as “one of the first cats” to own a Tesla TSLA -0.32% and told Esquire that he was “always stuck on the side of the bleeping road” in his Roadster, a response was just a matter of time.

And where else to launch a counterattack than on Twitter?

The tweet was immediately met with cheers from Tesla fans, who have grown to relish Musk’s high-profile feuds. And there have been many.

Earlier this year, he got in a tussle with a New York Times auto reviewer who called into question the company’s range claims for the Model S. He also cut off a Barron’s interview, saying the reporter clearly didn’t understand the business. And, of course, he famously battled with Jeremy Clarkson and the gang from “Top Gear”.

What does Clooney have to say about Musk’s return jab? Well, the former “sexiest man alive” probably hasn’t even deigned to read it. “Why on God’s green earth would you be on Twitter?” he said in the interview.



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