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Deliveries of BMW i3 electric car commenced in international market

BMW is known for introducing high-end premium vehicles with state-of-the-art innovations to lure customers. However, being one of the top brands on global fronts, the German auto maker also takes the responsibility of creating environment friendly products. The latest innovation from the portfolio of this famed auto company is the concept of Electric Car, which includes models deriving power from electricity instead of conventional fuel options. Application of this technology will lead to production of eco-friendly cars that are emission free. Customers have been looking forward for such innovative products which allows them to enjoy a sheer driving pleasure and still feel proud of leaving a low-carbon print. Notably, BMW has put in lot of efforts and huge investments to make premium electric cars a reality for such aspiring and keen client base.
Deliveries of BMW i3 electric car commenced in international market
Deliveries of BMW i3 electric car commenced in international market

There is news that BMW has started delivery of latest i3 Electric Cars. Earlier, in order to cater to expectations of customers, the auto company had announced sustainable production. BMW production Chief Kruger had reportedly said in an official statement, “Today represents a milestone in our company’s development. We are making history with the BMW i3. Not only is our first electric car about to hit the road, we are also completely redefining sustainability with regard to personal mobility thanks to ground breaking technologies and processes. We require 50 per cent less energy and 70 per cent less water, and source the electric energy for production of the BMW i models CO2-free from the wind turbines at the plant.”

Incidentally, the auto company also made a promise to begin the delivery of BMW i3 to customers living in Germany and other European countries in November 2013. The German firm also promised that the this new upcoming car will be launched in USA, China and other markets as early as first quarter of 2014, sources have claimed. Evidently, with outpouring news about the commencement of deliveries of BMW i3 Electric Cars, the auto company has indeed kept its word and promise well served.


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