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Complete Auto Loans Announces New “Electric Car” Loan Incentives

Recognizing that the environment is mankind’s greatest asset, Complete Auto Loans is doing its part to combat global climate change by supporting owners of low-emission and zero-emission cars.

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Portland, OR (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

In the next fifty years, climate scientists estimate that global warming will increase the temperature of the Earth by at least one degree Celsius. This seemingly microscopic change will have far-reaching impacts on the planet’s most fragile ecosystems, causing the sea levels to rise and the desertification process to increase. Complete Auto Loans wishes to encourage Americans to discard their fuel-hungry SUVs and trucks in favor of more efficient and environmentally friendly electric cars. On November 20th, 2013, Complete Auto Loans announced its new electric-car loans, set to take effect in December of this year.

Complete Auto Loans’ special Electric Car loans are available for potential buyers of a variety of electric and hybrid vehicles, especially from demographics that do not traditionally purchase this type of car. According to Rob Kaiser, VP of Marketing at Complete Auto Loans, “We wanted to ensure that every American has access to affordable financing for a financially responsible and environmentally friendly car.”

Electric cars are increasing in popularity throughout the United States, but they are still a vehicle primarily driven by the wealthy. According to Rob Kaiser, VP of Marketing at Complete Auto Loans, this is about to change. “By providing low interest rates for electric vehicles, we want to spur a national change in the way that people consider vehicle purchasing. We want to make it affordable for ANYONE to purchase an electrical vehicle, hopefully making it a default choice for all Americans no matter their income or credit.”

Electric vehicles, despite their initially higher purchase price, are cheaper to operate in the long term. For many Americans that often find themselves choosing between putting fuel in their cars or food in their stomachs, a car that requires no fuel is a worthwhile investment. Complete Auto Loans estimates that the average American will eventually save $2,800 per year by purchasing an electric car, making it a value proposition in only four or five years after purchase.


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