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China: VW Announces: “Ren Wei Ben”, 15 electric models

Volkswagen announced today that is going to become the ‘most people orientated car company’ in the automotive industry under a new strategy which they have entitled “Ren Wei Ben”

The “Ren Wei Ben” strategy essentially translates into People First which might echo early Communist slogans but is in fact part of Volkswagen’s plans to put its people; customers, employees, and society, at the forefront of the company’s plans to expand even further in the Chinese market.

Under this new plan, we can expect even more China only models from VW with the brand expanding to offer 35 China only car models by 2018, and to do that VW has hired 2,500 engineers to focus entirely on tailoring products specifically for the Chinese market.

VW aren’t looking to produce just naturally aspirated vehicles, the German company has already put its new energy vehicle plan into effect and will see 15 electric vehicles from VW on Chinese roads by 2015 with ‘many’ (according to VW) being produced locally in the Chinese market starting from 2016.



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