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CarCharging Files Utility Patent Application For An Electric Vehicle Charging Station With Toggle Unit

MIAMI BEACH, FL – Car Charging Group, Inc. (“CarCharging”), a nationwide provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, has announced the filing of a utility patent application (#14016634) for an EV charging station with a toggle unit. CarCharging previously filed a provisional patent application for this innovative charging station.

Currently, with public charging, an EV begins to refuel as soon as its plugged into the EV charging station and the charging session is authorized. In instances where the EV is plugged in for long periods of time, such as overnight at multifamily or mixed-use properties, other EV drivers are unable to charge their cars. This can cause frustration for EV drivers, and limit the use and the earnings potential of the charging stations. Additionally, EV charging stations with two or more plugs, which are able to charge EVs simultaneously, can strain the energy grid.

By utilizing the toggle unit technology, the EV charging station will have the ability to charge multiple EVs successively without the insertion or removal of plugs during the charging process. This functionality improves the charging process for EV drivers; increases the number of cars that can utilize the EV charging station; reduces the potential strain on the energy grid; and reduces the EV service equipment, network, and energy costs.

CarCharging’s EV charging station technology with toggle unit optimizes the efficiency of the EV station through the use of a toggle unit, processor, and multiple plugs. The toggle unit activates the charging current from the charging station to the first of multiple plugs attached to the charging station. The processor detects when charging is complete, then deactivates the first plug, and activates the next plug. This process permits multiple EVs to plug into the station simultaneously and charge each EV as the current becomes. This novel design also reduces the internal components of current EV charging stations, thereby reducing equipment and network costs.

“As EV sales continue to hit records, the need for EV charging continues to grow and CarCharging is committed to improving the charging experience,” said Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging. “We are confident that our EV station with toggle unit technology will enhance EV charging in various areas, including allowing EV drivers to plug in immediately and not have to come back to plug in their EV, which increases the number of electric cars that can utilize the station, and by reducing the costs associated with the equipment, the network, and the actual charging.”

CarCharging’s EV charging station technology with toggle unit will also include the ability to delay charging an EV to off-peak times without having to be physically present to initiate the charge, which could reduce the energy costs associated with charging.

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SOURCE: Car Charging Group, Inc.


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