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Car Charging Group: Ripe For Acquisition?

In a year’s time, tiny Car Charging Group (OTC: CCGI) has acquired four competitors and become the largest independent owner and operator of EV charging infrastructure. With the speed at which CEO Michael Farkas has consolidated the industry, one has to wonder if he is getting Car Charging ready for a timely sale. Even if he didn’t have a roll-up in mind when he started the company just four years ago, this year’s flurry of acquisitions could get a variety of potential suitors interested in Car Charging.

What Would Be For Sale?

Car Charging is often referred to a public EV charging provider. While the phrase may be easy to understand, it is a misleading way to describe Car Charging’s value. First, the word “public” implies that Car Charging can earn no revenue on residential charging. Given that most EV charging is done at home, many people mistakenly conclude that Car Charging is in the wrong place. This is simply not true. It is more correct to say Car Charging provides “commercial” EV charging.

Can a commercial EV charging solution also be a home charging solution? Of course it can. For a large swath of Car Charging’s potential users that do not own their residences, the only way they can avail themselves of convenient overnight charging at home is if it is provided by the property owner (e.g., an apartment complex manager). In such cases, Car Charging installs and provides EV charging equipment free of charge in exchange for a long-term revenue sharing agreement with the property owner. It also does this for owners of multi-tenant office buildings and other commercial properties, providing EV owners other daily opportunities to charge


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