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BMW i3 vs Nissan Leaf vs Volkswagen e-Up! (Quick Reviews/Comparison)

I was able to test drive about 8 electric vehicles in Barcelona over the past week. I will have longer reviews of many of them in the coming days or weeks… as I have time to write them up, edit the pics & videos, etc. But, real quickly, I thought I’d share a quick comparison between the three in the title above.

Yes, I realize these vehicles are not all in the same vehicle category, but I think the comparisons could be useful for people nonetheless. I’ll get into more of the technical details in the follow-up reviews. Here, I’m focusing on simplistic observations from a common Joe or common Jill kind of perspective. (Images can be seen larger at the EV Obsession link above. Image credits and republishing requirements are listed on the bottom of the post.)

Nissan Leafs Barcelona Spain

nissan leaf black
nissan leaf black back
nissan leaf interior
Nissan Leafs Barcelona Spain

Nissan Leaf (Quick Review)

I’ll start with the world’s best-selling electric car of all time — the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf, like every EV, has great pickup and is super quiet and smooth. The Leaf has an “Eco” driving option that will make the car drive much more efficiently, saving you some money and extending the range of your vehicle in between charges. The button for this is quite large, green, and prominently located on your steering wheel. This, of course, makes it easier to switch in or out of this greener driving mode, but it also calls out to you and reminds you to be intelligent and drive greener. I’m not sure if that was intended, but if it was, I think it was a clever idea.



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