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ATLANTA, GA – A recent survey by shows that there are still significant gaps that need to be closed in order for consumers to increase their consideration and purchase of alternative fuel vehicles. The survey, which measured consumer attitudes on a range of topics concerning diesels, hybrids, electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids, revealed that cost was one of the top concerns across the board, and perceptions about battery life/range are working against hybrid and plug-in vehicles.

“As automakers continue to invest in alternative fuel technologies to meet the ever-increasing fuel economy and emissions standards, it is important that they address car shoppers’ concerns about these vehicles if they want to accelerate adoption,” said Brian Moody, site editor at

According to the survey, the top motivators cited as reasons shoppers would consider purchasing an alternative fuel vehicle are less emotional and more practical, with three of the top five being related to saving money—whether in fuel costs or by receiving a tax credit. “Better fuel economy” came in first at 70 percent, followed by “Cost of savings on gas” at 56 percent, “Cleaner emissions” at 37 percent, “Better for the environment” at 28 percent and “Federal Tax Credit” at 24 percent.


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