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SAIC Invests 4.6 BillionYuan into New Energy Car Development, Plug-in Hybrid Car will Mass Production

After Roewe E50 pure electronic car launched market; SAIC passenger car develops another new energy car. Jun ZHU, vice director of technology center of SAIC passenger car, told reporter that Roewe 550 plug-in technology exceed same level overseas cars. It shall contribute to Roewe large amount of investment in new energy area. As it known, SAIC has invested 4.6 billion Yuan into new energy car development up to the end of 2012. SAIC Roewe 550 has gained 1.16 billion Yuan for R&D.

Because of environment protect pressure, traditional car has no choice but upgrade its energy using method. New energy car is a tendency in the future as well. As it known, SAIC builds its specialist team to develop Roewe 550 plug-in in 2008. It has funded a company named Jieneng for energy saving research. SAIC research period has experienced 3 phrases: Roewe 750 hybrid in 2011, pure electronic car in 2012 and plug-in hybrid car this year.

SAIC passenger car has invested a lot into new energy car segment. SAIC has invested 4.6 billion Yuan up to the end of 2012. SAIC divides R&D fee into project development fee, manufacturemodule fee and outside suppliers investment. Roewe 550 plug-in research cost as high as 1.16 billion Yuan.

Staff of SAIC said that new energy car is still a tendency product. Foreign company aims realizing profit, but not interesting into research investment. However,Chinese brands leading by Roewe have research and control the mainstream tendency in the future by capital investment and hardworking. SAIC will invest more capital into new energy car development since 3.6 billion Yuan investment up to 2012.


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