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2014 VW Golf Plug-in Hybrid review

Hybrid Hondas and Toyotas have been around for years, but Volkswagen is only now preparing to respond with models like the VW Golf Plug-in Hybrid.

A conventional hybrid Golf will go on sale in around a year’s time, with this plug-in version following shortly afterwards.

It will join the mechanically identical A3 e-tron from Volkswagen’s sister company Audi and, like that car, it won’t be cheap, costing close to £30,000. However, it combines an official average of 188mpg with distinctly sporting performance and emissions of just 35g/km.

The Golf Plug-in Hybrid (VW may yet call it Twin Drive) is powered by two engines: a 148bhp 1.4-litre turbo petrol and a 100bhp electric motor.

They’re linked to a six-speed DSG automatic gearbox, while the lithium-iron battery pack is charged by regenerative braking, by the petrol engine and via a power socket beneath the VW badge on the grille.

A three-hour 45 minute tethering to a domestic socket is enough to charge it for 31 miles of zero emission, electric-only driving at speeds of up to 80mph, while the Golf Plug-in’s total range is 584 miles.


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