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2013 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Gets 5-Star Rating from Euro NCAP [Video]

Crash test results for the regularMitsubishi Outlander were released by Euro NCAP a year ago in November 2012. The new SUV was given a clean bill of health and now the electric version of that vehicle has also received the maximum 5-star rating.Most importantly, Euro NCAP found that the Outlander PHEV achieved an excellent level of protection of the under-floor battery pack and components of the high voltage electric system, unaffected by this crash test.Since the rest of the car is basically the same, so the PHEV achieved basically the same good results, but due to the change in architecture, the electric model did not muster the perfect ESC result and got an 81% score for safety assist.This is reassuring to know, since Mitsubishi says it already has 12,000 orders in Europe for this brand new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle model. Surprisingly, BMW’s i3 electric car only received a 4-star rating from Euro NCAP today.



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