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1 Thing You Haven’t Heard About Electric Cars

Winter is coming. No, that’s not a “Game of Thrones” reference; it’s a reminder to everyone who pumps their own gas that it’s almost that time again — shivering at the pump, looking for a spot with the least amount of snow, cursing the displayed numbers for not moving quickly enough.

Sure, you can decide on full service, but for some car owners, there’s another option — an option which, according to Wintergreen Research, will grow from the current market of $1.7 million to $4.6 billion by 2019.

Look ma, no hands!
Although electric vehicles, or EVs, are quickly becoming expected by the mainstream media and consumer, they’re far from being a common sight on the roads. Nonetheless, this development in the EV story may be another nail in the gas-guzzling car’s coffin. Qualcomm’s Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging is an innovative system that uses inductive power transfer to charge an EV’s battery. This system, Qualcomm Halo, offers EV owners a chance to cut the cord — the power cord — and refuel by just parking the car on a recharging pad, as demonstrated in the following video:


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