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Zipcar loves Honda Plug-in Hybrids in Boston carsharing program

You many not be able to pahk yah cah at Hahvahd Yahd, but if you’re driving one ofZipcar’s new Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid vehicles nearby, you can now park it at Boston Common Garage. And a few other places.

The world’s biggest carsharing company, now owned by Avis Budget Group, has added four Accord Plug-ins to its fleet: two at Boston Common Garage, one each at Post Office Square Garage and near Harvard University at Garden Street and Fernald Drive. Not Harvard Yard, but close enough. The great thing, especially for anyone who knows what a challenge it is to park in the city, is that Zipcar’s got priority parking in these lots. In fact, the middle level of Boston Common Garage is considered a “green zone” for alt-fuel cars.

Zipcar is charging $11.25 an hour for Accord Plug-in rentals. Impressively, the model’s all-electric and full-tank range is rated at 570 miles, which can almost get you from Boston to Philly and back, if you’re into that sort of thing. Boston-based Zipcar has a long history in supplying alt-fuel vehicles. The company was the first car-sharing company to include hybrids in its fleet in 2003. Check out Zipcar’s press release below.


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