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Why Car Charging Group Is Winning The EV Infrastructure War

Two months ago today, I wrote an article outlining ECOtality’s (ECTY) announcement that it may no longer be able to fulfill its EV Project obligations and its possible bankruptcy filing. The announcement followed the closing of an $8.2 million private placement of over 5 million shares of the company’s common stock and, perhaps justifiably, a number of investors are taking part in a securities class action lawsuit against ECOtality. The suit represents an attempt to recoup some of the losses these investors incurred when the company’s share price dropped almost 90% in the days following the initial announcement.

The same article looked at another EV industry company, Car Charging Group, Inc. (CCGI.OB), to illustrate the fact that ECOtality’s downfall was not representative of the EV industry as a whole, and to draw a comparison between the two companies that would in some sense outline where ECOtality went wrong.

In an announcement made at the end of last week, Car Charging revealed it won the bid purchase for ECOtality’s Blink assets. This announcement somewhat justifies the thesis of the previous article, and in doing so Car Charging warrants further investigation.


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