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What To Do When Your Electric Car Catches On Fire: An Explainer

Electric cars, whether you want to believe it or not, are becoming a “thing.” While they still look and drive like cars, there are certain key differences when they get into a fiery accident. This is what you need to do if that car fire happens.

Hi. Why are you in my house?

Hello. May I have a few minutes of your time to tell you about…

…are you trying to sell me something?

No. I noticed you have a BMW i3/Tesla Model S/Coda/Nissan Leaf/Other electric car outside and wanted to fill you in on fire safety.

There’s no fuel tank. I don’t need to worry about a fire. Goodbye.

Hold on a second. Worry might be the wrong word, but you should be cognizant that it could happen. Older batteries had metal particles in them that could possibly cause a short, but that isn’t really the case any longer. But during charging, the batteries can get very, very hot. If the connections come loose on batteries, an arc can form which could also cause a fire. We’ve also seen an accident that compromises the integrity of the battery pack can cause a fire.


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