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Waynesville to get four electric car charging stations

fr chargingstationsA for-profit company will install an electric car charging station in Waynesville’s public parking lot on Montgomery Street.

The Asheville-based company Brightfield Transportation Solutions has partnered with Advanced Energy, a Raleigh-based nonprofit, to position 30 new charging stations around the state. Advanced Energy asked for officials to come forward and request stations in their town.

Waynesville leaders made the request and last week vote unanimously to build the station in the public lot. The installation should be complete by March 1.

The charging station will be the third west of Asheville where electric vehicle owners can power up. The other two are at Haywood Community College in Clyde and on the Qualla Boundary. Waynesville could provide a stop for people traveling from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park entrance in Cherokee to Asheville, which has about 40 stations.

“We hope to be a critical cog in that infrastructure piece,” said Town Manager Marcy Onieal.

Unlike the station at HCC, the one in Waynesville will cost. Similar to parking meters, people pay for the time and use of the plug.

The charging station is valued at more than $25,000 and will take up six spots in the public parking lot on Montgomery Street, though it will only allow for four cars to charge at one time. The station will be topped with 50-kilowatt solar panels.

Waynesville Alderman LeRoy Roberson was wary of the project taking up six of the towns’ already scarce downtown parking spots but, in the end, was supportive of it.

“I am all for this,” Roberson said.


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