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Walmart Launches “Great Value” Line Of LED Lightbulbs — LEDs For Under $10 A Piece Now Available In All US Stores

If you’ve been wanting to replace the lights in your home with energy-efficient LEDs but have been holding off because of the initial investment, well, it looks like you no longer have that excuse. 🙂 Walmart just made the announcement that it’s launching a “Great Value” line of LED lightbulbs — with prices set rather low, under $10 bucks a pop for some models. A welcome development, hopefully this will spur a rapid adoption of the energy-bill reducing lightbulbs. The new line will be available throughout all of the US, as well as on the company’s website.

For those still on the fence about switching to LEDs, here are a couple of things to keep in mind: LEDs are on average 80% more energy efficient than conventional lightbulbs, emit around 40% less heat, and last about 25 times longer. The average American can save about $129 dollars a year on their energy bills by switching to LEDs.


With regard to the new “Great Value” line from Walmart, the line consists of 26 different types, including: “a non-dimmable 60-watt equivalent LED that will retail for $8.88; a dimmable 60-watt equivalent LED for $9.88; an indoor flood non-dimmable 65-watt equivalent LED for $14.88; and an indoor flood Dimmable 65-watt equivalent for $15.88.”


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