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VW Brings Its Entire Hybrid Range to China

Volkswagen kick started its plans for a greener Chinese range earlier today where it announced that hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) would be imported into China over the course of 2013/14 and local Chinese production of certain models beginning in 2016 with plug-in hybrids receiving priority status for production lines.

The futuristic XL1 was aired today for the first time in the Chinese market where Chinese and foreign media alike were able to see for themselves what the future might hold for VW products. Alongside the XL1 was the never before seen in China electric VW up! model, Audi also shined with the A3 e-tron and Porsche’s Panamera S E-Hybrid was brought in to show how VW’s green fingers spread from the lowest product to the highest product in the range.

Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, President & CEO of Volkswagen Group China, said: “Volkswagen Group is committed to implement a tailor-made strategy in China and to bring new energy vehicles to China to meet the local consumer needs in all segments and classes The Group’s overall focus are Plug – in – Hybrid, as it combines the best out of two worlds – pure electric driving in urban areas and long distance driving with an efficient combustion
engine. With the Porsche Panamera Plug-in Hybrid, we are already offering Chinese customers NEVs and will further increase our portfolio step by step .”

The XL1 uses both a diesel engine and an electric motor to achieve fuel consumption of just 0.9L/100km which is partly thanks to the futuristic design that achieves low drag and is built from a carbon fiber chassis to create a lightweight vehicle with an exceptional aerodynamics.

The Audi brand has already been on the receiving end of several hybrid models in the Chinese market. Audi have already offered the Q5 hybrid along with the A6 and A8 Hybrid variants to Chinese consumers as imported models. Audi are expected to eventually bring the A3 e-tron to the Chinese market which will have a combined 150kW of power (204bhp) and have fuel consumption of around 1.5L per 100km of gasoline whilst in pure electric mode it can travel up to 50km – fill the gas tank and you have an extended range of 890km due to the ultra efficient TFSI engine.


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