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Via Motors gets $20 million plug-in hybrid fleet truck contract | Torque News

The government-supported contract aims to use Via Motors trucks, outfitted with emissions monitoring equipment, to measure improvements in fuel efficiency and emissions by using plug-in hybrid trucks.
Via Motors, makers of plug-in hybrid trucks and vans, has received a $20 million contract to build & deliver PHEV pick-up trucks and vans to over 50 participating fleets. Additionally the trucks will have proprietary technology on-board to record and transmit real-time data to allow the Department of Energy, to measure the fuel economy and emissions improvements.
Via Motors sources trucks and vans from General Motors and installs a plug-in hybrid drive train that offers a 40 mile electric range. Their vehicles are primarily targeted to commercial fleets, especially those scenarios requiring electricity out in the field such as construction or utility workers. That’s because of a power export capability powerful enough to run power tools like arc welders.
The contract is administered by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) acting as project manager and the California Energy Commission also participating. A part of the program is to collect data to measure fuel economy and emissions gains by using plug-in hybrid trucks. The Dept. of Energy plans collect and publish that data with the Idaho National Lab (INL) performing the data collection, analysis and publishing.



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