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Vehicle ID Numbers Provided By Tesla Customers Suggest Tesla Motors Has Assigned VINs To At Least 13,000 Model S Sedans It Hasn’t Previously Announced As Sold

A contributor to the Tesla’s Forum page identified as Craig Froehle updated his Model S VIN data. As of Thursday the data suggest there are at least 25,822 Model S VINs, excluding European identification numbers assigned to cars being produced in Telsa’s Holland factory. Tesla has said it has sold 12,550 Model S sedans between June 2012, when the car debuted, to June of this year. This leaves 13,272 units that, according to this customer-provided data, have been assigned VINs. Tesla will annouce its third quarter sales figures in the first week of November.

Original story begins here:

One of the most important items in Tesla Motors’ third quarter earnings due out the week of Nov. 4 will be how many cars it delivered to customers between July and September. There are strong indications from the online community of Teslots — the Tesla zealots who follow and analyze every development regarding the maker of the Model S luxury electric sedan — that the company is well on its way to significantly higher sales growth quarter-to-quarter


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