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USA: EV’s Needed: Free Public Charging Station Christening/Inauguration, This Sunday Palo Alto

Good EV People, Celebrate a new Palo Alto EV Charging Station and Show off your EV!

You & your EV are needed this Sunday morning! The Unitarian Universalist church of Palo Alto is celebrating the formal christening/ inauguration of their free public EV charging Station.

Ride & Drive Time: 10:20-11am (after 1st service) and 11:50-1pm (after 2nd service). The ribbon cutting/ inauguration/ cake eating will be at ~12:20.

Location: Palo Alto Unitarian Universalist Church, 505 E. Charleston Avenue, Palo Alto,

What: You get to show off that swanky, carbon-killing, ICE-passing, money-saving EV of yours.

Please do participate as the church has been on the forefront in fighting Palo Alto’s home and commercial charger installation fees of $249 and $459 per unit respectively!!!

Pls RSVP to me SvenThesen@…, 415-225-7645

Further, at 12:30 there is a talk on Oil Company Divestment (description below)

And finally,feel free to attend either the 9:30 or 11 am service (no obligation). “In our annual Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead service, we celebrate and remember those we have loved who are gone. You are invited to bring photos and mementoes for the memorial altar (they will go home with you that day). Joy and woe are woven fine as we give thanks for these precious lives.” (Sven says: In addition to a picture of my Dad, I am going to bring some pictures of oil covered birds…)

The Stock Market and You: Should You Divest Shares of Oil Companies?

Sunday, October 27, 12:30 – 2 pm; Fireside Room Presenter: Jerry Mack/Marco Vangelisti

What is the goal of the movement to divest shares of oil companies? Is it hypocritical to divest when we use oil every day, and our society depends on it? Is there another way to push for change? What is the downside of divesting? How much money will I lose? We all are concerned about the environment and the condition of the planet for future generations. How do we translate this concern into action? How responsible is it to divest shares in oil companies? Are we falling down on our duties to protect and preserve the investments we control? We will discuss these questions and welcome everyone’s participation.

Marco Vangelisti came to the US as a Fulbright scholar in mathematics and economics at the University of California in Berkeley. After a stint in the financial industry, Marco worked as visual artist on a full-time basis for five years and obtained a MFA focusing on the intersection between public art and ecology. He later worked for six years for Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC, managing investment equity portfolios primarily on behalf of large foundations and endowments. In April 2009 Marco left the finance industry. He is currently developing a curriculum for activists and engaged citizens to understand the money and banking system, the economic system, and financial system, and how we need to transform them. Marco is also helping communities increase their capacity for local investing.

Sven Thesen
source EAASV


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