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USA: Bigger Than Ever – National Plug In Day 2013 Summary

The SF BayLEAFs celebrated National Plug-in Day (NPID) at DeAnza College in Cupertino on September 28, 2013. A large group of EV enthusiasts gathered under the extensive solar array in the parking lot. There were 650 pre-registered attendees, 228 registered EVs, and among those 104 LEAFs, but the actual turnout was significantly larger. Charging was available on-site through several recently installed GE WattStations and some NEMA 14-50 outlets. Additionally, Bob Haran from the Nissan R&D Center in Sacramento brought a mobile quick charger to the event. As a side note for the

The Silicon Valley Electric Auto Association (EAASV) spearheaded by Tom Sidle, Paul Stith and Maddi Hausmann-Sojourner coordinated the logistics for the event, which was held within the context of the 41st Annual Silicon Valley Electric Vehicle (EV) Rally & Show. The event received strong support from Nissan, along with other automakers, which had their own exhibits and offered rides & drives as well – Toyota, Ford, GM, FIAT, Honda, DriveNow (BMW), Tesla and VIA Motors. The auto dealers and private EV owners were on hand to answer questions, and several dealers provided test drives their own plug-in vehicles.


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