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UK: Electric car charging locations now in demand

Locations for electric car charging stations are starting to command a price, because charging stations are now generating commercial revenue returns.

Generous payments for publically-accessible locations are now being offered by operators of electric car charging stations, according to sustainable development consultancy, Electric Village.

Everyone plugged inThe London-based firm, which helps installers find locations for EV charging points, says it currently has over 50 open instructions to find host locations around the UK.

For a five-year tenure, new charge point hosts such as shops, hotels, airports, train stations, car parks and even apartment buildings could expect an annual retainer fee of up to £750 per location from the operator, the consultancy advises. In addition, all hardware, installation, servicing, legal and insurance is provided free of charge. Businesses are then able to market the charging points by setting their own user tariff, or simply incentivise their customers with open access.


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