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UK: Campaigner backs Government push for more electric cars in the capital

CHAIRMAN of the Electric Vehicles Association, Adrian Loening, is urging motorists to join the “green team” and bring a brighter future for Edinburgh
Adrian Loening is delighted with the cost effective Nissan Leaf Adrian Loening is delighted with the cost effective Nissan Leaf
Callum Moffat

GREEN campaigner Adrian Loening has backed a Scottish Government push to put more electric cars on the streets of Edinburgh.

As chairman of the Electric Vehicles Association, Adrian is urging motorists in the capital to join the green team.

Last month, as part of its Greener Together campaign, the Scottish Government published the Switch on Electric Vehicles Roadmap.

The stated aim of the “roadmap” is to rid towns and cities of emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles by 2050.

Almost all new-car sales will be near zero emission at the tailpipe from 2040, and half of all fossil-fuel vehicles will be phased out in urban areas by 2030, according to the document.

Around £14million will be spent over the next two years to encourage motorists and businesses to switch to electric vehicles and contribute to Scotland’s climate change targets being reached.

Charge points will be installed at Scottish Government buildings, and petrol and diesel vehicles in its fleet will be replaced with electric alternatives.

Adrian, 52, became one of the first green motorists on Scotland’s roads when he bought his electric car in 2008.

Since then he has never looked back.


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