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Two-way street: electric cars of the future could give power back to the grid

On September 23rd, the city of Palo Alto, California decided to embrace the electric car. Inspired by one resident who fought to install a public charging station, the city council voted to mandate that every new single-family home be wired to support EV chargers. That might be good news for Palo Alto’s wealthy, environmentally conscious populace — not to mention Tesla Motors, which is based there. But if Palo Alto eventually becomes an EV mecca where thousands upon thousands of battery-equipped vehicles need to plug in and charge every evening, what does that do to the grid? If electric vehicles are truly the future, can the country sustain tens or hundreds of millions of them without changing the way we deliver electricity?

Intriguingly, it looks like those cars aren’t necessarily the problem they seem. Someday, they could actually be the solution to making the electrical grid more reliable than ever.


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