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Toyota Cuts Price of Prius Plug-In Hybrid by $2,000

Toyota Motors announced today that it will cut the prices of its 2014 Base and Advanced Prius Plug-in models by $2,010 and $4,620, respectively. The price cut will mark a drop of 6% from $32,000 to $29,990 for the base model and 12% from $39,525 to $34,905 for the advanced model.

Source: Toyota Motors

Through Sept. 30, 7,974 Plug-in Pruis models had been sold in 2013, approximately a 4% sales increase over the same period last year. However only 1,152 models were sold this September, compared with 1,652 in September 2012, a 24% decrease.

In August, General Motors also announced a $5,000 price cut on its popular Chevy Volt model, from $40,000 to $35,000.

Year to date, plug-in hybrid market have sales have broken down as follows:

Toyota Prius: 9,974
Nissan Leaf: 16,076
Chevy Volt: 16,760



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