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The electric Kia Soul will be made with recyclable parts

Driving electric cars is known to be the most environmentally friendly choice for motorists, but a new electric model being manufactured by Kia is taking the eco impact of an EV one step further. The new Kia Soul EV is going to be built with recyclable parts, making the overall environmental impact of the vehicle even lower than its electric competition.

The move by Kia to create an all-electric version of its popular Soul model will be welcome news to many drivers, as the crossover vehicle will likely provide a bit more cargo space than other electric models on the market, such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, or – on the higher end – Tesla Model S.

Another benefit the new electric Kia model has going for it is expected to be the price tag. Though no price has been announced yet, the gas version of the vehicle begins at $14,700, which would indicate that an electric version would still be substantially less than other electric vehicles on the market.

But outside of its cargo space and price, the true eco-friendy feature of the Kia Soul EV is its commitment to being built with recyclable parts. According to Kia, 85% of the vehicle will be recyclable, giving the crossover true cradle-to-grave sustainability.


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