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Stratas face charging demand

Dear Tony: Our strata council has received a letter from an owner demanding that the strata corporation install a charging station in a designated parking area for the new electric hybrid that he purchased. His letter indicates that a city official told him it was the obligation of the strata corporation to install the station.”>
We wouldn’t install a gas station for owners with conventional vehicles, so why should we be obliged to install a charging station for electric vehicles? Considering the cost that we have been quoted, our strata council is unwilling to consider the installation or to bring this matter to the owners for a vote. How are other strata corporations dealing with this issue? Dustin C.

Dear Dustin: As the trend toward electric vehicles grows, electric vehicles charging stations (EVCS) are becoming common in public areas, and placing pressure on multi-family developments to consider them. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 right now. Buyers don’t buy electric vehicles because they don’t have stations in their condo, and the strata won’t install stations because the costs benefit very few.


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