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SemaConnect Emerges as the Leader in Electric Vehicle Charging Station Access

SeemaConnect Inc., the national leader in commercial electric vehicle charging stations and cloud-based management software, has partnered with Recargo Inc., an electric vehicle software information services company, to launch a new public charging payment solution, “Pay With PlugShare.” This partnership puts SemaConnect in the lead in terms of having the largest number of electric vehicle drivers that can access its stations nationwide.

“Our focus has been on building sophisticated charging stations that are simple to use and incredibly reliable with the best user interface possible, so partnering with PlugShare was a natural fit,” said Mahi Reddy, CEO and Founder of SemaConnect. “We want to define a higher standard for the charging experience and this partnership with PlugShare increases the number of drivers that can access our stations without having to obtain proprietary access cards or registrations”.

At hundreds of SemaConnect charging stations across the United States and Canada, electric vehicle drivers are now able to pay for their charging sessions through their smart phone only – no smart card necessary. The Pay With PlugShare app has been engineered to be effortless to use and provides the ability to find a station, check availability, start a charging session, and pay for the session ….. all with a few swipes on the driver’s PlugShare smart phone app.

In order to meet electric vehicle driver demands, SemaConnect is committed to providing the best electric vehicle driver experience with multiple options for charging that include:


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