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Scaled-up electric toothbrush technology could wirelessly charge electric cars, says Volvo

The Volvo C30 plug-in takes 2.5 hours to charge
An electric car is already more convenient to ‘refuel’ than gasoline and diesel vehicles: You simply plug it in overnight, and the battery is always full when you leave in the morning. You don’t have to stop somewhere to charge up unless taking a long road-trip. But things might get even more convenient, at least for those who park their EVs or plug-in hybrids in the same spot most of the time. Volvo has been studying the application of inductive charging technology, which is used in electric toothbrushes, for example, with an electric version of its C30.

“With inductive charging, you simply position the car over a charging device and charging starts automatically. We believe that this is one of the factors that can increase the customer’s acceptance of electrified vehicles,” says Vice President, Electric Propulsion System at Volvo.


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