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Quick-Charging Two In One: Tesla To Offer $1,000 CHAdeMO Adaptor For Electric Cars

Sometimes, going it alone is tough.

While Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] hopes to blanket the country with its own network of Supercharger electric car quick-charging stations, owners of its Model S electric luxury sedan can’t use what will soon be a few hundred stations designed for the CHAdeMO quick-charging standard.

Until now, that is.

Tesla will offer a CHAdeMO adaptor for the Model S for sale online this winter.

The company had previously discussed offering this option in Japan, but it will be offered initially in North America. Adaptors for European and Asian markets will follow.

The adaptor itself will cost $1,000, along with an additional fee to enable quick charging in a customer’s Model S if it was not previously ordered. That runs an extra $1,400 when tacked onto the build sheet of a new Model S, or $1,900 to enable an existing car.

All 85-kilowatt-hour Tesla Model S cars are already equipped for quick charging, the company notes.



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