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PlugShare adds EV charging payment capability

Recargo builds Pay with PlugShare into its popular EV charging station locator app, standardizing the payment process for electric vehicle charging.

Recargo adds the Pay with PlugShare feature to its PlugShare app, letting you quickly pay at electric car charging stations.
(Credit: Screenshot by Wayne Cunningham/CNET)

The public infrastructure for electric vehicle charging is a mess. Some stations are free, while some require payment. Of the latter, you may have to be preregistered with the charging station network or need a chipped credit card to pay at the station. Recargo, the maker of the PlugShare charging station locator app, attempts to standardize payments for charging with its new Pay with PlugShare feature.

PlugShare both a Web site and an app for iPhone and Android that shows the locations of public EV charging stations. Along with each station entry, users can add notes, most importantly explicit directions on finding the stations, as they might be hidden in the back corner of a parking garage.

Today, Recargo adds a Pay with PlugShare button to the iPhone version of the PlugShare app, with an update to the Android version to follow this winter.


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