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Plug In Day 2013 (Los Angeles)

This year’s Plug-In Day celebration may not have had hunky models riding motorcycles, but there were a lot more EV owners present. 216 signed up, mostly LEAF owners. We took over a parking lot near the Catalina Express, with a lovely view of one of the cleanest and busiest shipping ports in the world. There were lots of great vendors present, including Clipper Creek, which generously donated a charger to the raffle. Also available for test drives was the Tesla Roadster of Plug-In America co-founder Linda Nicholes. It’s up to $54,100 on eBay and bidding ends in less than 48 hours! Linda donated her old Tesla to Plug-In America.

This Tesla could be yours!

Although I rode as aerodynamically as possible, and did my best to keep the speed down, I used 70% of my batteries on the 25 mile freeway ride from downtown Los Angeles. Luckily Hollywood Electrics and Sustainable Solutions Partners brought a handy solar generator. Towed by an Electric Rav4, of course. My Zero FX was back up to 100% in no time, thanks in part to the Delta quick charger I brought along.



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