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The Draft Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Readiness Plan for the Bay Area is now available!
Building from last year’s effort to develop a PEV Readiness Plan for the Bay Area and Monterey Bay regions, the Air District has conducted additional readiness planning focused on the nine-county Bay Area. In addition to the elements that were researched in 2012, the Plan that is currently being developed will also include recommended strategies for accelerating PEV adoption in the Bay Area, attracting and retaining PEV manufacturing, integrating PEV readiness into the regional sustainable communities strategy (Plan Bay Area), and identifying short-, medium-, and long-term actions.

The Air District is now accepting comments for the draft PEV Readiness Plan for the Bay Area through Friday, October 18th (by 4:00 PM) via this online tool. The Air District will also be conducting four identical informational sessions in October 2013; this includes three in-person sessions (San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco) andone online webinar.

The Bay Area PEV Readiness Plan is comprised of two volumes:

the Summary Document (Volume I) and
the Background and Analysis Document (Volume II)
The Summary is a high level review of the Plan, while the complementary Background and Analysis contains more detailed information about key planning elements covered in the Summary. The numbered sections in the Summary correspond to the numbered sections in the Background and Analysis. Additionally, the Background and Analysis includes a glossary, a complete list of references, and appendices containing additional information that was used to develop the Plan.

Previous Planning Documents

Released December 2012: Bay Area and Monterey Bay Area PEV Readiness Plan – Summary andBackground and Analysis Documents

Released August 2012: Planning Concepts Document

Released August 2012: Best Practices Document



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