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Nissan shows off driverless car technology at CEATEC 2013 – The Japan Daily Press

Nissan Motor Co is demonstrating for the first time its groundbreaking driverless car technology this week at the CEATEC Japan 2013, being held in Chiba Prefecture until October 5. The car will be driving around a pre-set route through the city streets and will also demo the artificial intelligence to find a parking spot.

The Nissan Leaf base car will be the vehicle to do the demonstration, as it is equipped with theirautonomous driving technology that was created for urban driving. It has five laser scanners and five cameras that lets it understand the surroundings of the car while the AI is the one tasked to “read the movements of other cars” and then rely on its knowledge base on how to appropriately respond to the situation. During the CEATEC event, Nissan will let a car with a human driver, as well as the autonomous Leaf, go through the route and when they encounter each other, they will show how the artificial intelligence can work in making decisions.

Nissan received the first official license plate from the Japanese government to be able to test the car on actual roads in the country. They are targeting to release the car and its advanced driver assist system to the consumer market by the year 2020. Other carmakers also showcased their new products at CEATEC, including Toyota‘s single passenger electric vehicle and Honda‘s automatic vehicle designed for indoor use.



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