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Nissan Leaf owners free access to eVgo charging stations

Nissan Leaf fans would like to wait until October 1st before leasing or purchasing the car as company is taking Leaf out of Tesla’s book and giving new owners in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston a year of unlimited free access to all eVgo charging stations in those areas and company is further planning to extend the program to other eVgo locations depending on how well it does in the Lone Star State. But the bad news is that if you have already purchased the company’s electric vehicle then you are not eligible to get the perk. To deliver a more agile and dynamic drive than the original one, the Nissan’s engineers have finessed the damper settings and to present steering feel more in tune with European tastes, the steering system has been given a touch more weight.


Although the LEAF looks almost the same from the outside, the main external differentiator is the revised front grille but there has been some quite fundamental changes made under the skin to improve the performance of the car. The company has brought the charger assembly, inverter and the motor together for the first time in the form of a fully integrated powertrain. The powertrain is based around a high-response AC synchronous motor powered by Nissan-designed 48-module compact lithium-ion batteries, mounted below the cabin area to lower the centre of gravity for finest handling.


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