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Nissan Leaf outsells Chevy Volt 1,953 to 1,766 in September

Before we start, let’s state that the annual Labor Day sales bump was included with September sales in 2012 and with August in 2013. The change means that, overall, a drop in 2013 sales doesn’t really represent a decline in sales, since there were fewer official sales days and no Labor Day sales in September 2013. You can get details on the industry’s quirky calendar over at Forbes.

The Leaf has now seen seven straight months of record sales in the US.

So, with that disclaimer out of the say, it is impressive that sales of the Nissan Leafare up this September compared to last year. In 2012, Nissan sold 984 copies of the EV. This year, it sold 1,953. Nissan’s Travis Parman told AutoblogGreen that the Leaf has now seen seven straight months of record sales in the US (which means that each of the last seven months were higher than the months before, even though March was higher than April, for example). The Leaf also recently passed 35,000 total sales. Atlanta is coming to the fore as the country’s hottest Leaf market, taking the number one spot for the second month in a row. Parman also said that the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina and “all major Texas markets” also saw sales increases.


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