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Nissan Leaf Nismo RC vs Nissan 370Z Nismo video review | Auto Express

Electric cars aren’t usually the most exciting thing in the world, but in this video review, we take a look at an exception. The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC.

Underneath, the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is pretty much a standard Leaf but with an 80kw battery powered engine. The 370Z, on the other hand, comes with a V6 engine with an output of 250bhp. It’s been given the Nismo treatment with spoilers and lower suspension.

• Nissan 370Z Nismo review

But which is fastest on the track? To find out, we enlisted help from the winner of the GT Academy in 2011, Jann. According to Jann, the Leaf Nismo RC weighs in at 900 kilos and has a power output of 150bhp. On the track, grip was incredible around the corners, making it hard to believe that Jann started his career performing similar corners on a Playstation game.

The 370Z Nismo felt a little more comfortable on the track, helped by the fact that Jann was such a talented driver. The Leaf, however, managed the corners with a little more ease than the 370Z Nismo. By the time the 370Z had finished its lap, it was hard to tell which of the two cars was the fastest. Jann gave an estimate of a two to three second gap between the two, with the Leaf being the fastest.

In the end, the 370Z finished with a time of 42.852 seconds, while the Leaf finished it in 40.156 seconds – pretty impressive for an electric car. But we were still seriously impressed that the 370Z got within 3 seconds of a proper racing car. Watch the video review for the full racing action.

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