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Nissan Leaf, Infiniti Emerg-E, Datsun Go send automaker into future at Nissan 360

Photo credit: Nissan | As part of commemorations marking its 80th anniversary, Nissan Motor Company held the Nissan 360 brand showcase event in Irvine, Calif., during August and September.
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It’s almost like a quadrennial world convention, an automotive extravaganza they call the Nissan 360, which featured a self-driving automobile and a couple of astonishing electric performance cars.

For the third time since 2004, Nissan gathered nearly every vehicle it sells around the world to demonstrate its reach and grasp of the automotive industry.

The 360 was conducted for six weeks at the old El Toro Marine air base near Irvine, Calif. The event introduced 900 journalists and assorted customers, financial analysts and selected others to 140 of Nissan’s vehicles.

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Jeff Kuhlman, Nissan’s vice president for global communications, said the 360s were held to build awareness of the Japanese company’s confidence and strength on the world stage, along with its dedication to consumers and advanced environment-conscious technology.


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