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Nissan Leaf electric car long-term review

Lucky I’ve got the Nissan Leaf on loan for a year. It has taken me nearly a month to figure out a fraction of this electric car’s complexities and capabilities.

Taking advantage of the Government’s largesse with taxpayers’ money, I had a POD Point home charging unit installed at our house last summer (mine was, I think, the first to be fitted in Scotland). This tidy little number that looks like a garden hose reel attached to the wall by our front door would normally cost more than £1,000; but the Office for Low Emission Vehicles generously subsidised the whole sum for ours – as they might for yours if you look sharp and get your application in quickly (homecharge@pod-point.comtel: 020 7247 4114).

Having the means to charge an electric car without running a cable through an open window to a 13-amp socket in the living-room, I now felt the absence of just such a car. Nissan kindly went along with my idea to keep a Leaf at home for 12 months and run it normally as an adjunct to family life. My plan is to report monthly on our mileage in the Leaf; the car’s consumption of electricity; and the cost of that energy against the amount it would have cost us to power a car with conventional fuel from the pumps.


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