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New Electrode Made From Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Boosts Battery Capacity | CleanTechnica

An inexpensive, new electrode made from iron oxide nanoparticles has the potential to notably extend the potential range of electric vehicles, according to the researchers that developed it.

Along with being inexpensive, and capable of storing higher charge densities than the conventional electrodes used in lithium-ion batteries, the new electrode is also well suited for large-scale manufacturing.

Valley of Fire in southern Nevada, USA. Red in the rocks caused by iron oxides.
Image Credit: Shutterstock
The iron oxide nanoparticles in question replace the graphite that is usually used as the anode — iron oxides have a considerably higher charging capacity than graphite, but are somewhat slower to charge. And there is also the issue of the lithium ions that migrate into the material damaging the anode after only a few charging cycles. The new anode addresses both of these issues.



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