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New campus electric car charging stations provide much needed energy

Kinesiology professor Marcia Abbott unplugs her car from the free electric charging stations on the first floor of the parking lot, located near the elevator Oct. 10, 2013. Photo By Tony Santos / Xpress

With the recent addition of nine free electric charging stations last July, faculty and students who drive electric or hybrid cars no longer need to be afraid their car will die on the drive home.

According to Teresa Carrillo, Latino/a studies department chair, after heavy lobbying from her and a group of faculty members the nine free charging stations were installed on the second floor of Lot 20. ClipperCreek, an electric charging station manufacturer, donated the publicly available 240 volt stations that fully charge a car in four hours, giving it roughly a 40 to 100 mile range.

For those who own an electric or hybrid car, the price for a charging station can range from $500 to more than $2,000 with the price of a charging station similar to the one on campus, sold by ClipperCreek, costing more than $2,000.

“I was overjoyed when they got (the charging stations),” said Carrillo. “When you drive these cars you go to great lengths to find a charger. My commute is 25 miles here, 25 miles home and I used to run out on the way home.”


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