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Nanotechnology researchers fabricate foldable Li-ion batteries

(Nanowerk Spotlight) Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of interest in electronic devices based on paper or textile components. Just take a look at our recent Nanowerk Spotlight “Nanotechnology research produces foldable graphene electronics on paper” and the referenced articles therein.These substrates are attractive because they can impart flexibility and low- cost manufacturing to devices such as transistors, circuits, light-emitting diodes, and batteries. The use of paper substrates also creates a natural opportunity to exploit another property that paper is well-known for: the ability to be folded. Foldable devices can open the door to many different types of device geometries not possible before.Together with the development of paper-based foldable electronics and foldable displays, foldable batteries are important for integration of the power source and other components into a single, entirely foldable device. Besides, they may be useful for powering devices that have limited space on board.

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