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Local firefighters training for electric, hybrid car fires

TACOMA — Ever since a Tesla burst into flames along Hghway 167 earlier this week, everyone’s talking about the safety of electric cars.

Fire crews in Kent had some trouble putting it out, and our questions about it led us to Pierce County’s fire training facility. New recruits at Central Pierce Fire & Rescue spent Friday afternoon attacking a dummy car spilling with flames.

“It gives them that realization of how to put out a car fire,” said CPFR Capt. Woody Juarez.

firetrainingCar fire training is at the top of the list since an all-electric car went up alongside the highway after it struck a metal rod on the pavement. The driver of the Tesla was able to pull over before the flames erupted. No one was injured.

Gas-powered, hybrid or electric — all car fires present a special set of challenges.

“There’s a lot more plastic, they burn a lot faster,” said Juarez. “It’s not like looking at a 1972 Buick that just didn’t burn that much. It burned, just not a quickly or as fast.”

For instance, lightweight plastics and other new materials used to build the latest models ignite faster than old steel panels.



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