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ITS-Davis leads national consortium for sustainable transportation

UC Davis’ Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) was chosen by the U.S. Department of Transportation to lead the two year, $11.2 million research consortium.

The center will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger and freight transportation on the state and federal levels. They will approach this through fuel and vehicle alternatives, environmental and energy policy and community development and outreach.

In a world largely dependent on fossil fuels, vehicular mobility and profit margins, institutional change in the transportation system will be the overarching goal of the National Center for Sustainable Transportation (Transportation Center) now based here at UC Davis.

Operating since 1991 ITS-Davis began as an interdisciplinary approach to “sustainable transportation” between faculty and students even before the term was widely used.

This was a major reason they were chosen to lead the consortium, according to Daniel Sperling, founding director of ITS-Davis and executive director of the Transportation Center.

“From the beginning, we emphasized the environmental, energy and livability aspects of transportation,” Sperling said. “We were one of the first to do that in the U.S. and we have grown and developed that reputation from experience.”

Made up of transportation institutes from the University of Southern California, CSU Long Beach, UC Riverside, University of Vermont and Georgia Institute of Technology, the consortium will attempt to facilitate cooperative change by partnering with influential stakeholders like car and oil companies, local governments and public interest groups.


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