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Isn’t it ironisk: Norwegians love electric cars

If Norway jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too?

I found myself asking this age-old question last week after reading that the Tesla Model S is now the best-selling car in Norway. Reuters reported that the “premium electric” North American-designed car, which went on sale in Europe in August, had a 5.1 per cent share of the Norwegian market. It relegated the former best-selling Volkswagen Golf to second place. In Norway, a new Model S costs between $110,000-$117,000 (U.S.).

“You get great value for your money with the Model S,” Joar Tenfjord, the head of Telsa’s Norway dealership in the city of Bergen, told Reuters. “It is a spacious car … and it is also environmentally friendly.”

In Norway, this is what they’d call “ironisk.”

It’s ironic because the story implies that Norwegians are so committed to the environment they voluntarily buy electric cars (which are almost universally avoided by anyone who cares even a little about driving). In fact, Norwegians are so committed they buy really expensive electric cars. North Americans should all feel guilty and ashamed.


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